Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tucson Family Photographer | Johnson Twins | Tucson, Arizona

It’s really neat how wonderful things develop – when this pretty mama told me that she needed unique and fun holiday pictures of her and her boys, my mind spun in many different directions because Keri is a beautiful, poised, professional woman who always finds a way to do her hair and mascara all the while running a business and chasing around (and corralling and spit-shining, and lovingly guiding) her high-energy twins, Gavin and Aiden.  So knowing (and witnessing) all that, I knew we had to come up with a way to beautifully blend dirt, desert, 2 little boys and one gorgeous mama and wah-lah! we dusted off this pretty antique settee, threw it in the truck (not really, I made sure my hubby gently put it in the truck) and headed for the hills! What you see below is the sweet, beautiful, rugged, amazing product of all that.

I wish I could put more of her images out here but, she's holding back a few surprises for Christmas gifts - did I mention she is super smart too?! 

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