Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tucson Family Photographer | Model Call | Tucson, Arizona

Lately I've been wildly inspired by yonder years, the hazy, innocent, sweetness of the 1940s and the 1950's, combined with a total admiration of Adrian Murray, Jake Olson, Elena Shumilova (and oh BTW, if you haven't checked out their work, I highly recommend you do) and I'm itchy to dust off the red flyer wagon, go find Coco in her favorite sleeping spot and head outdoors.  But, wait...I need a lil guy, a little fella to wear a newsboy hat and pull the wagon around!  My son, my little boy isn't so little anymore or he and I would already be out the door lickety-split!  So there you have it is folks - Model Casting call for a little boy between the age of 3-5, hair and eye color no matter but, must love dogs and dirt!  Model will receive free photo session and will be featured on our November blog.  Interested?  email us a snapshot of your lil guy -  We'll notify you if we select your lil man.  So I must go find some big toads and a give Coco a bath!

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