Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tucson Family Photographer | Model Call | Tucson, Arizona

Lately I've been wildly inspired by yonder years, the hazy, innocent, sweetness of the 1940s and the 1950's, combined with a total admiration of Adrian Murray, Jake Olson, Elena Shumilova (and oh BTW, if you haven't checked out their work, I highly recommend you do) and I'm itchy to dust off the red flyer wagon, go find Coco in her favorite sleeping spot and head outdoors.  But, wait...I need a lil guy, a little fella to wear a newsboy hat and pull the wagon around!  My son, my little boy isn't so little anymore or he and I would already be out the door lickety-split!  So there you have it is folks - Model Casting call for a little boy between the age of 3-5, hair and eye color no matter but, must love dogs and dirt!  Model will receive free photo session and will be featured on our November blog.  Interested?  email us a snapshot of your lil guy -  We'll notify you if we select your lil man.  So I must go find some big toads and a give Coco a bath!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hawaii Family Photographer | Carruthers Family | Ko Olina, Kapolei, Oahu Hawaii

Oh man, this Aulani family was so sweet! These three cuties and their gorgeous parents spent the evening with us down by the lagoon and we had so much fun with them.  Thank you for choosing us Carruthers Ohana!  We hope you enjoyed your Hawaiian vacation :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tucson Family Photographer | Teen Princess | Tucson, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Zoe is a brand new teenager, in fact she just celebrated her 13th birthday at Disneyland this past July.  And I can't help but think that our days spent at Disneyland somewhat inspired this shoot.  Before she got too grown up, I really wanted some fairly-tale, princess inspired pictures of our not-so little Zoe!  So we packed up some princess essentials, our little dog Coco and headed out to a really cool old ghost town not too far from home.  I couldn't have asked for better lighting, the cloud cover was perfect and we had the entire place to ourself.  As I snapped I was so excited because I knew these pictures would be everything I envisioned them to be and as I edited them over the next few days the tears came...our little girl was becoming a beautiful young woman and I'm so thankful I didn't wait one more day to capture this time.  I know it won't be too long and she won't be so willing to dress up and pose for me and sooner than that she really will be all grown-up.