Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School Beauties - Kapolei Family & Ohana Photography

These smiles are near and dear to our hearts as they are two of our own babies! 

It's unreal to think that Zoe is 11 years old and starting Jr. High.  She loves to run and just completed her first 5k without breaking a sweat!  She is simply the sweetness girl you will ever meet; watch out for those big brown eyes! <3 

Zoe had a blast "trashing" her elementary school uniform shirt!  Jr. High here she comes! 

Riloh is starting her last year of pre-k and is so excited to be one of the "big kids" in her class.  She's a feisty lil thing and will make you laugh with her #rilohisms (check them out on instagram)!  

This photo ^ won us an awesome frame from The Organic Bloom!  Check it out here!

Any photographer will tell you, taking photos of your own children is the hardest thing ever!   We tried to keep their sessions quick and simple and thankfully, we all made it out alive!  We hope you enjoyed their 2013 back to school portraits!