Friday, November 13, 2015

Tucson Family Photographer | Winner! Model / Casting Call | Tucson, Arizona

Here he is - our very own Mr. November!  

About a month ago several photos were submitted to our model call in the SE Arizona area for a lil guy between he ages of 3-5 willing to wear a newsboy hat, pull around a wagon and play in the mud.  Out of several entries, Lucas was the one!

Lucas is 3, he has big brown eyes, and he lives right here in the beautiful little town of Corona De Tucson.  Lucas is #4 in his family line up - he has 3 big brothers, a little brother, and brand new baby sister.  He truly is the sweetest lil guy and we had so much fun watching him go from puddle to puddle as the fall sun sank behind the trees. 

Lucas received a free photo session and all his images are hosted in an on-line gallery for his mama to view, share, and select which ones to print.
We'd like to extend a big thanks to Lucas and his mama Allison!  We hope you love these beautiful pictures and treasure them for a lifetime! 

If you would like us do this for your family or little ones, contact us at and you can always find us and our work on facebook and instagram! 

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